Santa Marina Global Logistics was formed in year of 2006.  Today, we have offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai China. Santa Marina is a truly multi-modal freight forwarding company, offering not just the standard modes of transporation, but also providing a range of special services.  We are expert in both Air Freight and Sea Freight cargos, also, we handle dangerous cargo as well.  In fact, we have high market share from triangle business between China and Taiwan.  This year, we have increased market share in Asia, USA, South Africa, and Europe.
Santa Marina's business idea is really very simple.  We do not sell anything less than a good night's sleep to our customers.   As a purchaser of logistics, you should not need to worry about your goods getting stuck in some custom warehouse.  You should be able to trust us - along the entire route from door to door.
As a specialist in Global Freight solutions, we make customer satisfaction our top priority.  That means making it easy to do business with us, providing error-free service, delivering value, and meeting your timing requirements.
Global transportation is a complex and difficult business.  To transport goods from one to another in an efficient and economical way calls for great experience, expert knowledge, large contact networks, and a good portion of foresight and capacity for improvisation -  all of which we possess at Santa Marina Global Logistics.

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